Florida Contractors Bookstore

Florida Contractors Bookstore prides itself on being more than just a bookstore, because our main goal is to make sure that you are prepared for whatever you need in the future. To this end, we not only sell books to help contractors and builders pass exams to be certified for a fulfilling career, we also offer a place where customers can learn about the contractors that will adequately address their needs. You can consider us a one-stop website focused on making sure the job gets done right, every time.


The primary focus of Florida Contractors Bookstore is to provide contractors with all of the exam preparation materials they need to confidently take and pass the associated exams. We offer exam materials for just about any type of subset of contractor from AC contractors, plumbing contractors to pool service contractors and more. If there is a required contractor exam then we have the top exam preparation materials to help you be ready for the big day. We have a diverse array of handbooks, manuals, textbooks, and current up-to-date building codes to help any future contractor pass their exams.


We also recognize that sometimes customers head online to learn about contractors, their training, and what contractor would be best for their job. Florida Contractors Bookstore is also focused on helping you connect with the right contractor the first time around by offering short summaries of every type of contractor. The summaries explain the education of a contractor, what they do, the type of services they offer, and what you can expect from them. With our useful guides you should have no problem figuring out what type of contractor is best suited for your project. You may even learn about a few more contractors that would also be useful to have around from underground utility work to roofing to residential building.


Building codes and contractor regulations are regularly updated and constantly changing which is why Florida Contractors Bookstore always offers the most current study guides and manuals available. This allows future contractors to avoid making any potential mistakes on their exams. Our prices are very competitive and we offer great support to the Miami, Florida area and the United States in general. If you have any questions are sales support team will be glad to help. Until then, we welcome you to take a look around our website and see what guides could help you get into your career of choice the first time around.